Visual & Performing Arts

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The visual and performing arts program provides students with opportunities to experience beauty in music and art and to explore the processes necessary for attaining that beauty. Students are involved in a “hands-on” approach, so that they develop interests that provide a lifelong vehicle for enjoyment and personal expression. 

Band lessons are available for all grade levels in the Middle School. Performance opportunities range from the Christmas Luncheon to the Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony. Elite musicians may qualify for the Upper School Marching & Concert Band.

Middle School Band

Students learn the fundamentals of playing a brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument in a structured marching and concert band.

Marching & Concert Band

The marching & concert band is designated for cadets in the Upper School, however, highly skilled 8th grade students may try out for this program at the beginning of the year. Throughout the eastern United States, RMA’s award-winning band has earned a reputation for excellence. The band performs several concerts each year and plays for sporting events and Air Force JROTC parades. The band travels throughout the region to perform in parades and takes at least one extended tour each year, including trips to Orlando, FL. The band also performs in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City. Performance on a frequent basis is expected,which further develops the player.


This course is for students who enjoy working with and making 2D and 3D artwork from a variety of materials. Students will be introduced to the elements of art and principles of design as a method for understanding, appreciating, criticizing and evaluating various kinds of artists and artwork. This class places a focus on visual literacy, critical thinking, experimentation and creative problem-solving first and foremost--there is no pre-determined set of skills required. Processes covered include drawing, painting, design, illustration, clay, wire, paper m»Éché, 3D printing, laser cutting, engraving, and assemblage sculptures. The bulk of the work produced in this class will be done during class time, with a limited number
of tests and quizzes throughout the year. Students maintain a sketchbook and portfolio documenting their accomplishments.

The art classes at R-MA study both 2D and 3D art.

Digital Piano

In this course, based in the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Piano Lab at the Middle School, students learn the basics of piano, music theory, composition, and recording technology, at the student’s level. The lab features state-of-the-art digital pianos and desktop computers equipped with composition and recording software. In addition, students learn how to use their school-issued MacBooks to create music through Apple products and other web-based programs.

Storytelling Through Drama

Storytelling Through Drama provides students with creative and improvisational skills to improve performance and presentation skills. Students will work collaboratively to produce writings, plays, monologues, and films. Students will
explore various aspects of theatre through hands-on practice and research.

Digital Media/Yearbook

This class combines art, technology, and writing all together. The class will start off with a focus on digital journalism to include creating an interactive tour of R-MA and producing the announcements. As the school year progresses, the class will work on taking pictures, creating the 2019-20 yearbook, and digitally manipulating photos.