The Power of Rise.

Discover the Power within.
The Power of Intellect.

Challenging and engaging academics. Exceptional college counseling. 100% of graduates accepted to college. Over $6.6 million in scholarship offers each year. 

The Power of Purpose.

One of our alumni said, "R-MA takes good students and makes them great leaders." Find out how leadership and service are taught in Air Force JROTC. 

The Power of Creativity.

There is creativity within us all. Discover yours in drama, band, chorus, art, or through various clubs. 

The Power of Flight.

Discover what it's like to soar through the skies. Take the pilot's seat in a Cessna 172 and experience true freedom. 

The Power of Grit.

Sports are tough. It takes a true sportsman to reach down, dig deep, and keep going.


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