Upper School Clubs and Intramurals

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Upper school clubs and intramurals at Randolph-Macon Academy. A private day and boarding school in Front Royal, Virginia.
Clubs meet at the discretion of the club sponsor while intramurals meet every afternoon.  R-MA students are required to participate in either a sport or intramural each season. Clubs are an exciting element of the extra-curricular activities program, matching student and faculty interests.  Following is a list of some of the clubs and intramurals currently available to R-MA students:

  • Interact Community Service Club
  • Academy's Own Recruitment Team
  • Alpha Readers Book Club
  • Amateur Radio Club
  • Art
  • "The Beacon" Bible Study
  • Cadets-In-Action: This student organization focuses on raising awareness of and monetary support for international issues such as relief for Haiti and Save Darfur.
  • Cyber Patriot
  • Drama
  • Drill Team
  • Great Thinkers Club
  • Honor Council
  • International Club
  • Media Team
  • National Honor Societies (NHS and NJHS as well as Honor Societies in Math, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, English, German, French, and Kitty Hawk Air Society)
  • Outdoor Activities/Walking/Hiking
  • Philosophy Club
  • Research & Scholarship Club
  • Rocketry Club
  • Speech and Debate
  • Spiritual Life Leadership Team
  • Stellar Xplorers
  • STEM Squad
  • Stingers (Acapella Group)
  • Weight Training
  • Yearbook