Advanced Placement, Dual-Enrolled, and Honors Classes

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The Advanced Placement Program has an exceptional reputation.  More than 2,900 universities and colleges worldwide grant credit, advanced placement, or both to students who have performed satisfactorily on the exams. 

R-MA's Advanced Placement Classes Include:

AP Art History
*AP Biology
*AP Calculus AB

*AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP English Language & Composition 11
*AP English Literature & Composition 12
AP Environmental Science
AP European History
*AP French
AP German IV/V
AP US Government and Politics
*AP US History
AP Physics C: Mechanics
*AP Psychology
*AP Spanish IV/V
AP Statistics

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are also “Dual Enrolled” classes, in which college credit is earned through Shenandoah University, Lord Fairfax Community College, or James Madison University. Honors Pre-Calculus is also a dual-enrollment course. 

R-MA's Dual Enrolled, Non-AP Classes Include:

Anatomy & Physiology

Geospatial Information Systems
Honors Pre-Calculus

Other honors courses are also available:

Algebra I
Algebra II/Trigonometry
Arts in Society

English 9 and 10 Literature
English 9 and 10 Composition
French III
German III
Spanish III

World History


Check within the disciplines for detailed AP and Honors course descriptions in English, Science, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, and Social Studies.