Who's Attending Homecoming 2019

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The following alumni have registered* with the Advancement Office:

Class of 1947
Jerry John

Class of 1960
Jay Selden

Class of 1964
George Peterson

Class of 1966
Chip Humphrey

Class of 1968
John Simar

Class of 1969
John Gallagher
Doug Huthwaite
John Keith
Revell Lewis
Ben Ligon
John Mason
George McIntyre
Buck Swafford

Class of 1970
Vincent Amigh
Jim Fort
John Stufflebeem

Class of 1975
Glynn Williams

Class of 1989
Cesar Aponte

Class of 2008
Andrew Pfister

Class of 2011
Cooper Bourdon

Class of 2014
Faith Keller

Special Guests
Donnie Simpson


*As of August 12, 2019