Study Hall at Boarding School

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Upper School study hall at Randolph-Macon Academy. A private boarding school located in Front Royal, Virginia.

The more a student works in a dedicated homework environment, the better that student's grades become and the more effective that student is in the classroom and the more prepared he or she will be for college.  At Randolph-Macon Academy, we have developed a variety of dedicated homework environments to meet the needs of our students, based on their academic abilities.
A two-hour Night Study Hall for all boarding students runs in the evenings from Sundays through Thursdays.  Upperclassmen study in their dorm rooms and have access to their computers and the internet for one hour each evening.  Students needing additional use of the internet for coursework may get a note to work on one of several workstations in our library with the research assistance of our librarian.  Students in Night Study Hall are under the supervision of the cadet life supervisors.

Students whose grades fall below acceptable standards not only study in their dormitories in the evenings, but study in a supervised hour-long, “afternoon” Academic Probation Study Hall with focused academic faculty supervision.  Any materials that may distract a student from studying are not permitted in this particular study hall. These students are also required to attend half-hour tutorial sessions with their instructors during the class day. The cadet’s grades are evaluated every two weeks, and once grades have improved, the cadet may again participate in afternoon extracurricular activities and leave Academic Probation Study Hall.
Through careful consideration of each student's needs, as well as the progress they are making in their academics, the R-MA study hall program is unique in its ability to direct students toward those habits that allow them to become self-directed in their studies and self-monitoring in their academic performance.