Upper School Dining

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SAGE Dining Services provides a nutritious meal to Randolph-Macon Academy students.

Everyone looks forward to meal times, and it’s no different at R-MA!  The Upper School dining hall seats up to 450 people, so all of our students eat at the same time, rather than in staggered lunch periods. In July 2015, R-MA partnered with SAGE Dining Services® .   Established in 1990, SAGE is a leading provider of campus dining and upscale catering services. It has partnered with independent schools and private colleges across North America.

SAGE provides wholesome, healthy, and well-rounded menu options. The milk is antibiotic-and hormone-free, and the eggs are from cage-free chickens. SAGE uses trans fat-free oils and MSG-free seasonings. 

R-MA serves a wide variety of foods as our population includes people from many countries, religions, ethnic backgrounds and age groups. SAGE strives to provide food from local growers, but at the same time brings an eclectic mix of cuisine that allows every student to find something palatable. In 2014-15, SAGE added to their choices Pacific Rim Cuisine, Street Foods, and South American and Caribbean Fare, as well as fresh vegetarian options.

To continue to meet the students’ diverse needs, our food services personnel constantly seek feedback from students. Once a month the food service managers participate in the Student Life Committee meetings with the cadets, where suggestions and comments are viewed. There is also a suggestion box in the dining hall for cadets. 

For more information on the food and services that SAGE provides, visit their web site. The daily menu is also listed online