Flight Camp

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Students will explore aviation by training in our aircraft, learning from industry professionals, visiting aviation businesses and museums, completing hands on projects, and flying unmanned/remote aircraft.

We offer first class instruction both in the air and on the ground preparing the next generation of aviators while discovering the unlimited opportunities a career in aviation presents.

This summer camp is designed for those who want to experience the magic of aviation, and find new and interesting ways to challenge themselves. 

Our program features two school-owned Cessna 172 Skyhawks (four-seat aircraft), which are hangared year round by the Academy. Our Flight Instructors are full-time R-MA employees.

Student fuel up a Cessna 172 in preparation for their flight lesson during the aviation camp held at Randolph- Macon Academy each summer.

Flight training will be billed at a rate of $150 per hour. 

A flight deposit of $2000 is required and any unused portion of the flight deposit will be refunded.

International Students interested in flight training must provide documentation of their TSA clearance 
by April 1, 2018.