Social Changes (1960-1980)

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The Academy experienced many changes in the 1960's and 1970's. The Vietnam War soured the population's opinion of the military, resulting in a dramatic drop in enrollment at military schools across the country. In response, Randolph-Macon Academy took a hard look at its programs and determined that aligning itself with Air Force JROTC was more in line with its original charter as a college-prep school. Female students were admitted in 1974, and the Air Force program first began on campus in the fall of 1975. 

A New Wave at R-MA

The ability to deal with change is something on which Randolph-Macon Academy prides itself. In 1917 it changed from simply a college preparatory school to a college preparatory school with a military program (National Defense Cadet Corps) during World War I. In 1927 it witnessed a catastrophic change in the very building it called home as it burned to the ground on a frigid January evening. In 1929 it faced the Great Depression and a depleted economy. In 1933 it dealt with the closing of R-MA at Bedford and welcomed those students to its campus. Read more