Taylor Vazquez

MS PE/Health Teacher
(540) 636-5443

Originally growing up in southern New Hampshire, Taylor Vazquez and his family moved up and down the East Coast during his younger years, due to his father’s career. Finally, when he was a junior in high school, his parents returned to their roots in the West Virginia area. He ended up graduating from Washington High School in Jefferson County, WV, and went on to coach varsity basketball there while attending college at Shepherd University.  Once he had his degree, he became a substitute in Jefferson County schools, and continued coaching basketball, football, and a few other sports as needed.

In the spring of 2018, Coach Vazquez became the Athletic Director (AD) at the Banner School in Frederick, MD. In addition to his duties as the AD, he also taught classes and coached a variety of sports. He enjoyed the position thoroughly, but the commute from his home of Bunker Hill, WV, which should have been about two hours round trip, turned into nearly two hours each way due to traffic. 

He joined the R-MA faculty in the summer of 2019, teaching physical education (PE) and health at the Middle School. He said of his classes, “For me, it’s about letting them be active, because at their core, that’s what they want to do. I let them run around and play and have fun. My job is to put a little organization on that.”

Coach Vazquez puts a more than “a little” organization into his PE classes. The students learn the basics of a variety of team sports, and as they do so, he is fostering their competitive spirit, teaching them sportsmanship, and even developing leadership skills. And it’s not unusual to see him jump in and play the game along with the budding athletes.

With a varied resume in (and a love for) coaching, Mr. Vazquez will be kept busy at R-MA. He started out the 2019-20 school year as an assistant coach for varsity football, and is looking at coaching basketball in the winter.

Outside of sports, Coach Vazquez devotes his time to his wife, Michaela, and his charcoal Labrador, Harper. When he does have some downtime for himself, he tries to spend it on the golf course, crushing it down the fairway.

  • B.S., Sports Management, Shepherd University
  • Courses: Physical Education and Health
  • R-MA Mentor; Assistant Coach Varsity Football, Head Coach JV Boys Basketball