Lynne Schoonover

Lynne Schoonover is a private school English teacher, creating moot court scenarios and CSI investigations to engage her students in the material.
Upper School English and French Teacher

Lynne Schoonover came to R-MA with a wide variety of teaching experience in public school, private schools, and even night school. She has taught grades 4-college, in subjects varying from English as a Second Language to AP English, Spanish, and French.

Her experience hasn’t been limited to the classroom, either. She is a professionally trained proofreader and copyeditor in English, French, and Spanish, and spent some time as a part-time freelance writer in the 1990s. From there, Ms. Schoonover taught English III and French I at North Carolina Web Academy for a few years. She found herself in Winchester, VA, in 2003, where she served as an education technology consultant for Winchester Public Schools’ Technology Initiative, and as an ESL instructor, ending her time there as the Department Chair for ESL.

Ms. Schoonover brought to R-MA not only a vast array of experience, but also an incredible, contagious enthusiasm for her students and for teaching. She encourages her students to take her lessons outside the classroom, challenging them to go further than they ever thought they could. Her often-used expressions when daring them are “Why haven’t you?” and “Then go do it.”

“My dad told me to start at the top, not the bottom, when asking for things,” she explained. “If you ask for something, the worst that can happen is that the answer is no, and then you’re no worse off than you were before.”

One of her favorite projects during the school year is one in which the students must give a presentation on a subject they are passionate about. Topics chosen have included the “Lost Boys of Sudan,” “Blood Diamonds,” and “Book Learning vs. Experiential Learning.” The R-MA students have left Ms. Schoonover fairly bouncing with excitement.

“They’re my inspiration,” she said.

  • M.A. French, Middlebury College
  • B.A. English and French, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • M.A. English, candidate, George Mason University
  • Courses: AP English 11, French II, Honors French III, AP French
  • R-MA Mentor, Faculty Advisor of Cadets in Action