Karen McManus

Karen McManus is a private middle school math teacher.
Middle School Math and English Teacher

B.S., Southern Connecticut State University

General Math
Math Plus
Algebra 1
6th Grade English

National Junior Honor Society Board
Booster Club Board

Karen McManus feels she “lucked into” her position as a math instructor at R-MA Middle School after her husband, R.G., became the head of the JROTC department at the Upper School.  “Things could not have worked out better,” she said.  "R-MA is the 'family business' in our house." 

Mrs. McManus grew up in Connecticut.  She graduated with a BS from Southern Connecticut State University.  Mrs. McManus and her husband have four children.  The oldest, and only boy, is a graduate of VMI.  Katelyn graduated from R-MA in 2008 and from the University of Mary Washington in 2012.  The twins, Allyson and Ashley, began at R-MA in seventh grade, and graduated in 2013.  Ashley attends VMI and Allyson attends the College of William and Mary.

Prior to R-MA, Mrs. McManus was blessed to be able to stay home and raise the children. Then, when she felt it was time to join the working world, she taught for five years in Texas as a pre-school/pre-K teacher.  Her educational background is Elementary Education, which she thought was her calling, but upon having been given this opportunity, she feels perhaps middle school is where she belongs.  “I love these kids!  They are fun to talk to.  I love to see their individual personalities come out,” she said.

Mrs. McManus was awarded “Faculty of the Year” honors for the 2008-2009 school year, and it's easy to see why from her enthusiasm. “I love sharing my passion for learning and in particular, math!” she exclaimed. "I have so much fun working the 'puzzles' of math and giving the students the tools to do the same. Sometimes I get that 'You’re crazy' look from the students when I get excited about equations or formulas." Rumor has it that she has even broken into song about the quadratic formula. Mrs. McManus won't deny the rumor, as her goal is to help the students to be comfortable with math and not be afraid of it...even if it requires a bit of song.