Constance Richards

Constance Richards is the Clinical Counselor at Randolph-Macon Academy, a boarding school in Virginia.
Clinical Counselor

B.A., George Mason University
M.S.W. Virginia Commonwealth University
Ph.D., Walden University

AP Psychology 

Healthy Eating Club

Dr. Connie Richards has been Randolph-Macon’s clinical counselor since 2005. She provides individual and group therapy to students and participates in treatment team approaches with academic and residential staff. 

Because she often sees kids when they are not at their best, Dr. Richards believes it is imperative to be able to develop a trusting and therapeutic relationship pretty quickly. She strives to convey genuineness, empathy, and an unconditional positive regard for all of her clients. 

In addition to being the R-MA clinical counselor, Dr. Richards teaches AP Psychology, which is also dual-enrolled at Shenandoah University. Dr. Richards believes psychology is one of those knowledge areas that can help all students, no matter what they choose to ultimately pursue.  In order to convey some of the concepts the classes learn about, Dr. Richards attempts to incorporate hands-on experiences in class to bringing psychology alive and assisting students in applying those concepts to our daily lives. 

Dr. Richards has been married for 18 years, and has two teenage children. Her family lives on a small working farm where Dr. Richards’ husband raises registered Suffolk sheep and her daughter raises a variety of chickens. The whole family is active in 4-H.