Bryan McCabe

Bryan McCabe is an English Teacher at Randolph-Macon, a boarding school in Virginia.
Upper School English and AP Art History Teacher

B.A., St. Leo University
M.A., University of South Florida

Outdoor Activity Intramural

It turns out that R-MA’s summer school doesn’t just recruit students. Bryan McCabe, a native of Saint Petersburg, Florida, also came to R-MA by way of summer school.

Mr. McCabe graduated from St. Leo University in Florida with a B.A. in English Literature in 2004. He began his teaching career at Central High School in Florida, where he remained for seven years. During that time, he continued his studies, earning a master’s degree in humanities from the University of South Florida in 2008. His career path, which spanned instruction in English, Humanities, and Art History classes, also brought him additional teaching experience at St. Leo and Weekiwachee High School.

Mr. McCabe wanted to teach summer school in 2011, but found many schools were cutting it from their programs. Fortunately, he found R-MA, and the culture of the private school worked for him. “I like the size of the school.  I like the size of the classes and the amount of attention I can give each student,” he says.  “I like how it’s a close community, [and] the history and traditions.”

Mr. McCabe tries to find out what the students are interested in and tailor his lessons to those interests. “I incorporate lots of creativity,” he explains. “I try to motivate the students, get them interested in what they’re learning, and hope they will go beyond what is required.” Students in his classes act out Shakespeare, put on puppet shows, and even create short films.

A certified AP Art History teacher, Mr. McCabe leads his Art History classes through a survey of art from pre-civilization through the present day. He brings his concepts of creativity to this class as well—students may take a field trip the National Museum of Art in Washington, D.C. or build a Lego® model of the Guggenheim Museum..

When not motivating and inspiring future novelists, artists, and filmmakers, Mr. McCabe can be found supervising the outdoor activities intramural or playing jazz guitar for his own amusement. His other hobbies include writing, creative writing, visiting museums, and art.