Pre-Professional Pathways

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Aeronautics, Technology, & Engineering Design encompasses ground school, unmanned flight, computer science, honors or AP Physics Mechanics C, AP Calculus (AB/BC), Graphic Design, and Reading/Writing/Research.

Educating today’s student is about more than memorization and taking tests. It is about giving them the freedom to think creatively, the courage to try something new, and the grit to learn from their mistakes and move forward. It is about being a problem solver who overcomes, and a communicator who can collaborate successfully with others. 

It is with this vision in mind that R-MA has developed the Pre-Professional Pathways. Within this structure, students align their standard and elective coursework with a chosen Pathway, and take advantage of the Academy’s simulation labs for experiential learning. 

Participation in a Pathway is optional; not every student at the high school level is settled on their career goals. For those who are considering a field, the Pathways offer a solid foundation and can provide an advantage in the competitive college admission process. The start of the Pathway begins in ninth grade with a seminar-style career exploration course where students explore their learning styles and take skills assessments and interest inventories. They are exposed to a variety of guest speakers and possible career paths. As sophomores and juniors, they pursue internships aligned with their selected pathway, to further explore areas of interest. Additionally, students select elective coursework aligned with a particular pathway to supplement the core curriculum.

The wind tunnel helps students to learn about aerodynamics and how a plane's various parts function in with air movement.

The culmination of the program comes in the students’ senior year, when they develop a Capstone Project in which they research an issue, gather evidence, come up with a solution, and present it to the R-MA community. The project will help students develop research and communication skills culminating in a final portfolio showcasing ideas generated and work produced during their time at R-MA, helping set them apart in the college application process. 

R-MA currently offers the following Pathways:

Aeronautics, Technology, & Engineering Design
Courses include: Private Pilot Ground School, Unmanned Flight, Computer Science, Honors or AP Physics Mechanics C, AP Calculus (AB/BC), Graphic Design, Reading/Writing/Research

Global Entrepreneurship
Courses include: Principles of Economics, Mathematics for Business & Finance, Graphic Design, Computer Science, Survey of World Religions, World Languages, Geospatial Information Systems, AP Statistics, Reading/Writing/Research

Leadership Dynamics
Courses include: AP US History, AP US Government and Politics, Sociology & Criminology, Survey of World Religions, World Languages, AP Statistics, AFJROTC: Aerospace I-IV, Reading/Writing/Research

Aerospace I-IV, the Air Force Junior ROTC classes, play an integral role in the Pre-Professional Pathway of Leadership Dynamics.

A Pathway in Health & Human Performance is also being developed. Currently, Honors Anatomy & Physiology, AP Biology (2020-21), AP Statistics, AP Psychology, World Languages, Computer Science,  and Reading/Writing/Research are available, but the Academic Office is continuing to build the repertoire of electives to fully complement the Pathway. 

Students who are unsure of their future career path, or who want to focus in career areas that are not part of a Pathway, will still be well-served by R-MA’s college-prep academic program, which will continue to offer both a college-prep diploma and an advanced college-prep diploma.