Physical Education

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Each grade level has a physical fitness (PE) class that provides the opportunity for students to experience a variety of sports. Activities include but are not limited to flag football, indoor and outdoor soccer, volleyball, speedball, tennis, ultimate, Frisbee golf, basketball, and floor hockey. Various strategic games such as dodgeball, flagtag, capture the flag and others are included. In addition to sports, students will be involved in fitness activities and assessments to help them maintain or improve their personal level of fitness. Students in this course learn sportsmanship, rules, and skills. They also develop an understanding of refereeing, all while working on their physical and social health.

Flag football is one of the many sports played in the PE classes at R-MA Middle School.

In addition the PE classes, students participate in competitive sports and/or intramurals designed to build athletic skills and improve fitness.

Competitive Sports

These competitive sports take place daily, after the academic day. Team sports include co-ed soccer, flag football, boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, girls’volleyball, cross country, co-ed tennis, swimming, and wrestling. Players are held to higher expectations and will be required to attend practice daily and/or competition during the week or weekends.

Intramural Activities

During after-school intramural activities. those students not engaged on other sports activities participate in an organized series of rotational activities that can include swimming, hiking,
dodge ball, or other designated and supervised physical activities.