Whether you have an artistic flair, a desire to be part of a drill team, an athletic talent, the urge to debate current events, or a longing to serve others, there is a program for you at R-MA! Here are some of the opportunities and programs our school is known for. This is by no means an extensive list! If you have an interest and would like to know if we offer a program that matches up, contact our admission officers.

The drill team competes around the local area and also gives on-campus performances.

Military Performance Teams

The Armed Drill Team, Unarmed Drill Team, Color Guard, Honor Guard, and Sabre Team compete around the area, and are often asked to participate in special ceremonies on and off campus. 

The Middle School Interact Club performs many acts of community service.

Middle School Interact Club

The Middle School Interact Club is one of the most popular clubs on campus. The club meets weekly over lunch and performs community service activities throughout the local area. 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Beacon are the two Bible study groups on campus.

Upper School Clubs & Intramurals

During the Upper School's sports/intramural time is when the competitive Speech and Debate team meets, along with intramurals such as Journalism, Yearbook, and Art. Clubs may also meet during tutorial sessions, over lunch, or in the evenings, giving students many opportunities to explore new interests.

There are over 25 sports teams on which students may participate.


R-MA offers close to 30 sports teams at the varsity, JV, and middle school levels! 

The VA-91st Air Force JROTC Band performs as both a concert band and a marching band.

VA-91st Air Force JROTC Band

The band and the rest of the parade unit, including armed and unarmed drill teams and the flag corps, represent R-MA in parades across the country, from New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, to Orlando, FL. 

The R-MA Chorus performs at many on-campus and off-campus events each year.


With more than a dozen performances on-campus and off-campus each year, the R-MA Chorus provides plenty of opportunities for those who love to sing. 

Drama performances in recent years have ranged from Grease to Once On This Island to Godspell.


The annual drama performance is the highlight of Fall Family Weekend! Recent productions have included Loserville, The Lion King, Mulan, Cinderella, and Godspell. 

In Randolph-Macon Academy's flight program, students can take dual flying lessons (with an instructor) until they earn their solo wings.

Flight Program

The Flight Program provides students with the opportunity to solo in a Cessna 172, and even obtain their private pilot’s certification. This optional program, which incurs an additional cost, is taught by R-MA faculty members in school-owned aircraft.