Middle School Science

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Earth & Space Science

The Earth & Space Science curriculum at R-MA is designed to enhance the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth of the emerging adolescent. It emphasizes process skills in a developmental fashion, taking students from the elementary skills they begin with to the higher-level skills they will need as they progress through high school. Students will study the Earth, both internal and external, as well as the affect people have on their environment. The last part of the course discusses space and space exploration… past, present, and future.

Life Science

This seventh-grade course introduces students to aspects of the living world. It emphasizes an understanding of change, cycles, patterns, and relationships in the living world.  Students are exposed to genetics, classifications, and plant identification.  Research projects and links to current events in the field of science complement the course of study.

Physical Science

This eighth-grade course offers an introduction to the basic concepts of chemistry and physics.  As the first level of laboratory science, the course aims to provide the student with a foundation in the physical sciences and an understanding as to how they apply to the world around us. Hands-on exploration through laboratory experiments and projects is emphasized and students also learn the elements of lab safety and protocol.