Mentoring at R-MA Middle School

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Mentoring groups at the Middle School are divided by both grade level and gender, so that the mentors can more effectively work with each group of students.

Each child is part of a gender- and age-specific mentoring group. Each student uses the Premier® Agenda Planner and mentoring groups explore how to use it most effectively. The groups have open discussions on a variety of topics such as bullying, organization skills, relationships, and positive choices. They may go on special outings together or work on community service projects. Each group meets several times a week.  The mentor is the first point of contact for both the parents and the student.

One of the main goals of the mentoring group approach is to teach the ideals of teamwork and cooperation through group identification and community building. Mentor groups compete in locker inspections, with the weekly "winner" allowed to eat lunch first. Each mentoring group also sponsors a community service project each semester.

Community Service projects over the past few years have included support for the following programs:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Salvation Army
  • Two local nursing homes
  • The local women's shelter
  • Good Samaritan Purse
  • Campus-wide recycling 

Mentoring provides an outlet for students to learn more about themselves, their peers and the community they live, work, and play in. They develop a shared sense of responsibility.