Middle School Dorm

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Students boarding at Randolph-Macon Academy Middle School have a mandatory study hall for 90 minutes each weekday night.

Dormitories are comfortable and safe.  All dormitory doors have been fitted with keyless entry locks for additional security. There are two students in each room, with a maximum of twenty students on each hallway. Adult staff members, Studen Life Supervisors, live in the dorms with the students, providing supervision and the nurturing that these young students crave.

Girls are housed in one hallway, boys in the other three. There is a central area that separates the hallways; this is supervised any time there are students in the dorm. The boys and girls each have their own lounge areas in which to relax; these areas feature game tables, board games, and a large-screen TV.

The dormitory rooms themselves feature air-conditioned rooms and WiFi access for each student. Because most students now have their own cell phones, there are no land lines in the dorm. Students without cell phones may see their Student Life Supervisors to call home on a school cell phone. Students with cell phones may use them only during designated times.

ABC List Rewards and Consequences

In order to recognize good behavior and provide consequences to students who do not meet behavior expectations, we use the "ABC List." 

A List:

These students have demonstrated excellence in the dorm above and beyond what is expected. They receive one civilian clothes day (civilian clothes must be approved by the Student Life Supervisor (SLS) and Principal). They also receive a coupon to a dorm snack sale.

B List:

This list is for students who have met expectations. They receive no special privileges or consequences.

C List:

These are the students who have demonstrated consistently poor choices. If a student acquires a loss of free time more than two times per week, the student will immediately be placed on the C List. As a consequence of their poor choices, they are not allowed to attend the Friday town trip. They must remain in their dorm rooms to read or study under the supervision of a Student Life Supervisor. If appropriate, their electronic devices (such as PSP) may be confiscated for five days.