Meet Our Visual & Performing Arts Teachers

Ed Richards is the director of the Virginia 91st Air Force JROTC Marching Band.

Ed Richards

Director of Music / Bandmaster
  • M.M.E. Shenandoah Conservatory (of Shenandoah University)
  • B.M.E. Shenandoah College and Conservatory of Music
  • Courses: Handbell Choir, Band
  • R-MA Mentor

Edwin Richards is Director of Music, Chairman of the Music Department and Bandmaster at Randolph-Macon Academy, a position he has held for 41 years.

Kim Cramer teaches English and Drama at Randolph-Macon Academy, a military boarding school with an exceptional drama program.

Kim Cramer

Upper School English and Drama Teacher
  • B.A., Shippensburg University
  • Courses: English 9, English 11, Drama
  • R-MA Mentor, Drama Director

Kim Cramer has been all over the United States, held positions in the corporate world, and as a realtor, ran her own business.

Michael DeMato is a boarding school Chorus Director and Assistant Bandmaster.

Michael DeMato

Chorus Director / Assistant Bandmaster
  • M.A., New York University
  • B.A., Loyola College
  • Courses: Digital Piano, Band, Chorus
  • R-MA Mentor, "Mandatory Fun" band member

German mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz said that “Music is the pleasure the human soul experiences from counting without be