J-Term (Middle School)

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R-MA Middle School offers a three-week "J-Term," which provides a pause from the regular academic year and allows the students to explore more specific areas of interest, including "Primitive Survival."

Even better than endless snow days, R-MA’s J-Term, held for three weeks in January, offers students the opportunity to take a fun, engaging break from “regular” classes, as they explore, create, imagine and innovate. Students enjoy a later start to the day and engage in hands-on collaborative classes that focus on real-world projects and problem-solving...with only project work as needed in the evenings, no other homework! 

Monday through Wednesday, the daily schedule begins with club meetings before moving into the J-Term classes. For the 2019-20 school year, students have the opportunity to choose three of the following courses: 

  • Learning to Communicate without Memes
    For students who want to develop their interpersonal and public communication skills.
  • Primitive Survival 
    Students learn basic survival skills, such as finding water and food, making a shelter, and signaling for help.
  • R-MA Beautification for Students by Students
    R-MA is a second home for our students, and in this DIY course, they get to have a say (and take action) in what their school environment looks and feels like. 
  • Crafting for a Cause
    Students complete various craft projects, then donate them to local organizations that help the homeless, children and/or animals.
  • Video Editing
    Students learn the basic production and editing techniques of cinematography.
  • Aviation and Space Exploration
    An introduction to flight and our universe, with a focus on flight and rocketry science and astronomy. 
  • Foundations to Finance
    The course all adults wish they’d had as students! Students gain a basic understanding of saving, budgeting, credit and debit, taxes, giving, and more. 
  • International Exposure
    A look at various cultures around the world, with a particular emphasis on one major country from each continent. 
  • Civil War Strategies and Lessons
    Trips to local Civil War battlefields will highlight the discussions of this course, including a walking tour of the Battle of Front Royal. 
  • Classroom to 10K
    Students will discover that they can rise to the physical challenge of a 10K as they begin training runs and learn about nutrition, training, and injury prevention. 

Aviation and Space Exploration tends to be a popular offering during the three-week J-Term at Randolph-Macon Academy Middle School.

On Thursdays and Fridays, students will take half-day field trips with each of their J-Term classes, or the class will be inviting guest speakers to come in and share about the topic. Students will spend Friday afternoons reflecting on knowledge and skills learned throughout the week. They will be responsible for presenting a class slideshow or video to their peers on the final day of J-term.

The J-Term is available only to students enrolled at Randolph-Macon Academy for the regular academic year. Applications for the 2019-20 school year are being accepted on a space-available basis. For more information, contact Middle School Admission Counselor Pam Cole via email or at 540-631-3818.