R-MA Giving Day Toolkit

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This toolkit is designed to give you easy access to social media graphics and posts for the days leading up to R-MA Giving Day on April 23. For every day you want to share, click the date to download the graphic, then copy the accompanying text and post both to your social media channels.

March 26: Save the date! R-MA Giving Day is April 23, 2019. #RMAGivingDay

March 29: At R-MA, students reach new heights, but also learn how much further they can rise. #RMAGivingDay

April 2: Pride in our Purpose, 1969-2019. R-MA cadets know the pride of sharing a tradition with those who have come before them. #RMAGivingDay

April 4: R-MA builds a moral foundation that promotes respect, integrity, and humility - Methodist values shared by all religions. #RMAGivingDay

April 7: At R-MA, students maintain a positive attitude and a forward-looking perspective that constantly seeks improvement. That means we have study hall five nights a week! #RMAGivingDay

April 9: R-MA has the only full-time boarding Air Force Junior ROTC program in the country. #RMAGivingDay

April 11: R-MA bought its first plane in 1986. Today R-MA has expanded its flight program to two planes, a new flight simulator, and unmanned aerial vehicles. #RMAGivingDay

April 13: Pursue your passion! Every R-MA student competes in a sport or participates in an extracurricular activity every season. #RMAGivingDay

April 15: Going on 25 years: since 1995, R-MA's Middle School has provided students with a solid curriculum and critical thinking skills that will carry them to the Upper School and beyond. #RMAGivingDay

April 17: The resolve to excel. R-MA boasts a 100% college acceptance rate, year after year. #RMAGivingDay

April 19: R-MA students gain global awareness in our welcoming, diverse community. This year, we have students from 20 states (and D.C.) and 11 countries. #RMAGivingDay

April 21: On Community Service Day, more than 330 students and employees engage in 19 different service projects on campus and in the local community, investing over 750 hours in helping others. #RMAGivingDay

Questions? Contact the Office of Advancement via email or at 540-636-5343.