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Lt Col Ashley Fagan '97 Shares Leadership Insights

Monday, January 21, 2019

by Marcus Wimmer ’20
At the first Randolph-Macon Academy assembly of 2019, students and faculty had the opportunity to speak with 1997 R-MA alumnus Lt Col Ashley Fagan. Lt Col Fagan’s parents both come from military backgrounds and he was interested in pursuing a career in the armed forces just as they had. He attended R-MA, becoming a member of the winter swim team and a leader in cadre. He graduated with an ROTC scholarship to the University of Kentucky and went on to major in Japanese. 

Podcasts: Spiritual Life & Flight Program

Friday, January 18, 2019

Celeste M. Brooks P'12, '21, Director of Communications

With the excitement of Christmas, we missed sharing the last podcast, so today we bring a double feature! Back in December, student host Josiah Herring '20 met with Chaplain Joshua Orndorff and two students to talk about spiritual life at R-MA, and how that impacts both our Christian and non-Christian students. This week, fill-in hostess Director of Communications Celeste Brooks P'12, '21 spoke with Director of Flight Training Ryan Koch and flight student Jacob Gehly about the ins and outs of the flight program. Enjoy!

Spiritual Life

Private School Admission, Which Comes First: Apply or Visit?

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Amy M. Harriman, Director of Admission & Financial Aid

The process of enrolling at an independent school used to follow a different timeline. Families would request admission materials, follow up with some phone calls with the admission counselor, come to visit, and then end with the submission of the application. While this worked well in a world where information was not as accessible, more and more private schools are finding that sometimes an application is the first time that we hear from a family. While there is no right or wrong way to apply to a school, it is a question worth exploring.

Military School Benefits: Routine and Structure

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Celeste M. Brooks P'12, '21, Director of Communications

As a longtime R-MA employee, I have seen the program here benefit students in a multitude of ways. There are the students who thrive with the personal attention and small classes available in private school. There are those who blossom in a smaller environment where students are encouraged to get involved in multiple activities, and they get to try things they couldn’t before (not because they didn’t have the talent, but because they didn’t get experience at an early enough age).