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Summer Flight Training by William Camp '12

Friday, July 8, 2011

On my flight, I flew in the practice area and did some pattern work in Winchester. I reviewed emergency procedures in preparation for my Check Ride. I knew the procedures for the Wing Fire, Engine Fire During Flight, and the Electrical Fire pretty well but I need to review the Engine Fire During Flight. I need to remember to tell my passengers to put their seats in the upright position, put on seatbelts, open the doors, and exit the plane as quickly as possible when we touch down.

The Big Read: Alone Together

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

R-MA has a lot of reading programs to encourage students to read outside their “comfort” zone. In addition to all the reading done in class, we engage in Battle of the Books at the middle school level, and upper school students can participate in the Alpha Readers Book Club which consists of both students and adults.

Oops, Should Have Signed Up For Summer School

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ouch. Looking at that high school report card is simply painful. You’ve been in denial since the third quarter, when you realized Joey would have to pull off an A in the fourth quarter and on the exam just to pass the class. Only he didn’t even come close.

Maybe he’s not a serious student, or the teacher was lousy. Maybe that’s just not his subject, or maybe academics in general are a bit hard for him, but he’s no dummy. How could this have happened? Some of us even think, ‘How could I let it?’