6 Things to Bring to Boarding School

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Celeste M. Brooks P'12, '21, Director of Communications

Gathering to play games is an informal, impromptu happening at boarding school--bring your favorite game so you're ready!
You’ve made the big decision, the paperwork is signed, and you’re packing your bags… but besides the packing list the school sent you, what else should you bring to boarding school this fall? Here are a couple of things you should make sure to throw in that suitcase:
  1. A family photo. Oh sure, we all have photos on our phones and our social media accounts, but there is a certain comfort from having a photo of your family on the shelf, as if they are watching over you. 
  2. Sports equipment. If you love sports, you are probably all over this one and have your bag full of what you need for your fall sports. But what about your free time? Do you like to throw around a Frisbee or shoot some hoops? Remember to bring the sports equipment you’ll need to continue enjoying your recreational activities at your boarding school. 
  3. Linens. You’ll need sheets and even though at some boarding schools (especially the military schools) you might be expected to use their blanket, you should bring your own. It’s an extra layer of warmth for when your roommate cranks up the air conditioning, and provides that little sense of home that is sometimes needed during the first few weeks! 
  4. Washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels! That might seem like common sense, but hand towels are often forgotten. Another one to consider--a large beach towel for the pool!
  5. A plastic container for food (and some snacks). You will get hungry in between meals at some point, so you’ll want to bring some of your favorite food. Just remember the mice and ants probably like it just as much as you—hence the need for a storage container!
  6. Your favorite game. Every boarding school is going to have a collection of board games and cards for you to play with of course, but if you bring your favorite game, you might find others who enjoy it as well—or better yet, you might get to introduce people to it!
  7. A great attitude. This one is a must-have. It will make everything else work. If you head to boarding school with the open-mindedness to get along with others and a determination to jump in and try new things, you are halfway to having an amazing first year.
Good luck!