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Students who struggle in foreign languages have often found success in the German program at R-MA. The studies focus on developing the student’s ability to speak, listen to, read, and write the language with increasing accuracy, as well as to bring about a better knowledge of the people, geography, culture, and literature of the countries that speak the language. All students at each level take the National German Exam for national recognition of their achievements.

German I

Students learn to feel at home with listening to, speaking, reading and writing German in an entertaining and supportive environment. A key part of the course is a complete audio/visual program to promote listening and speaking skills, supported by the most up-to-date textbook series "Deutsch Aktuell." The textbook and accompanying workbook support an interactive learning experience with an emphasis on conversational German, reading, writing and grammar structure. Students learn about German, Swiss, and Austrian cultures and customs with accompanying video materials. Students are introduced to literature with the book "Arme Anna" that promotes literature reading skills that will be required at the higher levels.

German II

Students progress to more complex reading passages on real-life situations in typical German settings with more idiomatic language usage in the audio/visual materials. The course includes several subtitled German movies to promote listening skills and accompany the study of German culture and history. Throughout the year, the teacher communicates progressively with the students in German. Knowledge of vocabulary and language structure is enhanced throughout the year in the key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students continue with their exposure to literature with a short detective novel entitled "Oktoberfest."

German class taught at Randolph-Macon Academy. A private boarding school located in Front Royal, Virginia.

Honors German III

The reading texts in this class are more advanced and are supplemented by German short stories and fairy tales. The class is conducted in German to hone students’ listening and speaking skills. The use of audio and visual materials includes subtitled movies and German movies without subtitles. Students are introduced to German newspapers, live German radio, and news web sites on the Internet. By the end of the year, students should feel confident in reading and listening to spoken German, with improved skills in speaking and writing.Students read two advanced literature selections such as "Drei Männer im Schnee" and "Bitterschokolade."

Advanced Placement German IV/V

At this level, the course progresses from the use of a textbook to reading full-length novels by such prominent authors as Franz Kafka, Berthold Brecht, and Friedrich Dürrenmatt. Regular use is made of German newspapers, movies and live news from the Internet. Listening and speaking skills are promoted by the use of movies and the advanced "Turbo" video series. This is an immersion course concentrating on the achievement of greater fluency in the areas of reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The Level V class functions on the same basis as the Level IV class with different literature and the same advanced audiovisual materials. The class is conducted in an immersion environment as with Level IV. Prerequisite: Completion of German III or equivalent with grade of A or a grade of B with teacher approval.