Why R-MA?

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Our Specialty Programs 

Flight:  10% of our students participate, working towards their solo or private pilot's certification.
High Flight: The U.S. Service Academy Prep Track:  Students interested in pursuing entry to a U.S. service academy can apply for this program.  Those admitted to the program receive a $2,000 scholarship and are assigned to mentors who have experience getting students into a service academy. They must participate in early-morning physical training on a regular basis and maintain a GPA of 3.5.
The Virginia 91st Air Force Junior ROTC Band: This award-winning marching and concert band has performed in the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade, the Tulip Festival in Michigan and Disney World in Florida.


Small class sizes: Teachers can more easily assess students' individual needs and help provide them with a better education.
College credits: Students may earn up to 46 college credits before graduating by taking dual enrollment courses.
AP courses: We offer 14 Advanced Placement (AP) courses and 11 Dual Enrolled courses.
Extra help: Students can get personal attention during tutorial time after school each day.
Life after graduation: R-MA's graduating classes have had a 100% college acceptance rate for the last six year and average over $6 million in college scholarships each year!

Student Life

A close-knit community: We have 186 students in our Upper School and 48 students in our Middle School.  Over half of our faculty live on or around campus. 
Residential Life Programs:  Residential staff provides supervision outside the classroom. Weekly meetings build camaraderie within the dorm and help students explore career options.
Community Service:  Students get involved in projects on and off campus. They have helped with blood drives, worked with Habitat for Humanity, raised money for hurricane victims, and collected school supplies for an Iraqi school, among other activities.
Weekend Activities:  When the academic week is through, students want to have fun! Chaperoned trips include paintball, shopping malls, movies, the circus, skiing and snowboarding.


Spiritual: Students attend a mandatory weekly chapel service to provide a time of worship or reflection. 
Mentoring: Mentors are student advocates, providing assistance with everything from homesickness to college applications.
Honor Code: We live by the honor code that we will not lie, cheat nor steal, nor tolerate those who do.


Air Force JROTC: All students in grades 9-12 are a part of this program, which teaches leadership skills and the importance of citizenship.
Athletics: With 16 sports to choose from, you can develop your talent in a sport you love, or learn something new.
Structure: A structured day helps build confidence and teaches self-discipline at both the Upper and Middle Schools.

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