Summer Elective Course Descriptions

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Careers in Drones: Professional Applications Training

R-MA’s Unmanned Aviation Program is an enhanced drone flight training that prepares students for careers as professional drone pilots using the cutting-edge technology driving this rapidly advancing field. Instruction is equal parts classroom and hands-on flight training. Students can expect to accumulate extensive flight experience using a number of specialized drone platforms. Areas of focus include aerial photography and cinematography, advanced data collection for aerial mapping and 3D modeling, as well as the use of drones by first responders in a variety of emergency response scenarios. (The video above was created during the coursework of J-Term, a three-week session in which Drone Applications was one of the offerings. Students in the summer session will experience similar training and opportunities.)

Computer Science

Design, develop, create, fabricate, engineer, author, build...these are the action words of "visionary" education in the modern Innovation Studio. This course will introduce students to the idea of innovation and putting ideas into practice. Using the four "C's" of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity, this course will ask students to think outside the box and stretch their imagination. Students will learn to use relevant software, coding platforms, robotics, 3-D printing and laser cutting technology to help them develop answers to their own questions and the world's problems. (Full or half-day course.)