Summer School Course Offerings

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Students are able to take one to two of a dozen different new and repeat summer courses online this year.

Students may take one new course, two repeat courses, two enrichment courses, or one repeat course and one enrichment course during the four-week summer program.  Upon successful completion, high school credit is awarded, which is transferable to any Virginia high school and most high schools across the United States. 

Full-day Courses

One credit, new course.

Algebra I
Spanish I
World History
U.S. History
World Religions
English as a Second Language

Half-Day Courses

One credit, repeat course; choose up to two.

English 9
English 10
English 11
Algebra I
Algebra II with Trigonometry
Spanish I
World History
U.S. History

Half-Day Elective Courses

One-half credit, new course.

Computer Science*
Careers in Drones

Signing up for an online summer course will help students stay productive and keep their minds sharp over this summer.

Electives/Enrichment Courses

Students may take two of these half-day classes, or take one of these and one repeat class. We are excited to offer the following electives for 2020:

Careers in Drones: Professional Drone Applications Training: With the move to online courses, the drone program has been combined with the flight camp to make the new Virtual Flight Camp! Ground school applicable to both manned and unmanned flight will be taught by an R-MA instructor, and that's just the start! View the Virtual Flight Camp section for more information. 

Computer Science: Design, develop, create, fabricate, engineer, author, build... these are the action words of "visionary" education in the modern Innovation Studio. This course will introduce students to the idea of innovation and putting ideas into practice. Using the four "C's" of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity, this course will ask students to think outside the box and stretch their imagination. Students will learn to use relevant software, coding platforms, robotics, 3-D printing and laser cutting technology to help them develop answers to their own questions and the world's problems. (Full or half-day course.)

Note that electives are typically .5 elective credit, 1/2 day courses.  You will need to check with your current school as to whether the courses will be accepted for credit. 

Online classes have been embraced by schools throughout the US, but R-MA was one of the first to move from boarding school to online school!

Need credit in a course not listed above? Contact the Upper School Academic Office at 540-636-5486 to discuss additional course offerings.

Course offerings are subject to demand.  Randolph-Macon Academy reserves the right to cancel classes if sufficient numbers for the class are not met.