Ryan Koch

Ryan Koch is the Director of Flight Training at R-MA, a boarding school withe a flight program.
Flight Instructor

For years when Ryan Koch was asked what he wanted to do in the aviation field, he would reply, “fly something somewhere."

Having no idea where he wanted to end up, Mr. Koch explored many options, and in a few short years he discovered he loved flight instruction. While majoring in Aviation Flight Operations at Daniel Webster College, he was able to intern with Northwest Airlines in Minnesota, which allowed him to travel and observe flight crews firsthand.

After graduating from college, Mr. Koch moved back to Pennsylvania to work on becoming a flight instructor. His training was interrupted when he took a two-month contract working ground crew for the Fujifilm Blimp. After returning from the road, he completed his training and started to instruct at a fixed base operator in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  When a new hire flight instructor class started at Daniel Webster College, he moved back to New Hampshire to teach and further his training.

With this new dedication to becoming an instructor, he found just the right flight program at R-MA, which allows him to become more involved with student flight instruction while teaching ground school. “I enjoy teaching flight to students who may not even be learning to drive a car yet. Seeing the thrill and excitement of a student is what instruction is all about!” he says.

When not having fun at work, Mr. Koch enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two sons as well as unicycling, cartooning, and hiking.

  • B.S. Daniel Webster College
  • Unmanned Flight Operations
  • Flight Instruction
  • R-MA Mentor