Col Frank J. Link, USAF, Retired

Col Frank Link, USAF, Retired, is the commandant at Randolph-Macon Academy, a co-ed, college-prep military school in Virginia.

Col Frank J. Link, USAF (Ret.) became Randolph-Macon Academy’s commandant on January 15, 2016.

Before arriving at R-MA, Col Link was the Chief of the Nuclear Planning, Policy and Strategy Division at the Pentagon. His Air Force career spanned more than a quarter-century. After completing Officer’s Training School, he entered the Air Force in January of 1989 and became a B-52 navigator, later moving to the B-1 as a Weapon Systems Officer (WSO). He has over 2,500 flying hours, which include combat sorties in support of Operation Desert Storm. He also served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as Deputy Chief, Master Air Attack Plan Cell and Chief, Combat Operations.

Throughout his Air Force career, Col Link has held positions as an instructor WSO and a flying training instructor WSO. He was also the Chief of Training, Assistant Deputy Commander and Director of Staff for the 32nd Air Operations Group at Ramstein Air Force Base. He later joined Barksdale Air Force Base as the commander of the 608th Combat Operations Squadron.

These experiences, among his other positions during his Air Force career, prepared him to take on the challenging role of Commandant at Randolph-Macon Academy. In that position, Link oversees the day-to-day life of the boarding cadets, as well as the flight program, the discipline system, and the High Flight program.