Middle School Spiritual Life

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R-MA is a Christian boarding school with a healthy respect for those of other beliefs--in addition to having students from a variety of Christian faiths, the Academy is also home to students of nearly every other world religion. The Academy is ecumenical in matters of religious belief, and welcomes students of all religions. R-MA is listed with the University Senate of the United Methodist Church, and believes that young people must have a strong ethical, moral, and spiritual foundation upon which to build their lives.  

At the Middle School level, chapel services are held on Wednesday mornings in the Community Hall, located in the main Middle School academic building, Mast Hall. This permits both day students and boarding students to attend. Every student is required to attend this ecumenical chapel service that includes song, scripture, and prayer.  Student leadership and participation in the service is encouraged regardless of religious affiliation.  

Randolph-Macon Academy is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Students attend chapel once per week, and there is an optional Bible study one per week as well.

The goals for the chapel services are as follows:

  • For those students who have a Christian background that it will be a weekly time of worship.
  • For those students who have other religious backgrounds that it will afford them a time of reflection and prayer.
  • For those students who have no religious background that it will be an educational experience.
  • For all students it will be opportunity to enrich their moral, ethical, and spiritual education and development.

Students are permitted and encouraged to worship on Sundays in local churches.

For some special events, Middle School students may go to Boggs Chapel, which features an Allen Renaissance Quantum (TM) Model Q-385 Organ and a state-of-the-art sound system. The chapel seats approximately 450 people.

Please contact the school chaplain for any additional questions about Christian life for boarding and day students at the school:

Rev. Josh Orndorff, Chaplain