Building Character at the Middle School Level

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R-MA Middle School students participate in many community service projects, from roadside cleaning to collecting funds for the families of veterans.

At Randolph-Macon Academy, we believe that our students need a strong foundation in Knowledge, Leadership, and Character in order to succeed in life. While knowledge is taught in the classroom and on the field, leadership is taught via sports, in the dorms, in student organizations, and once they move onto the Upper School, the Air Force JROTC program puts a strong emphasis on leadership training. 

But how does one teach character?

At R-MA, we have woven character-building into the everyday lives of our students:

  • Community service, though not required for graduation, is so integrated into our culture that our students serve 12,000 hours annually in our school and in our community, and even internationally. The Middle School Interact Club, the most popular club in the Middle School, serves the community in dozens of ways throughout the year.
  • The values of respect and inclusion are taught at chapel each week.
  • Students meet regularly with their mentors, who can offer guidance on decisions and frank talk about life situations.
  • The Residential Life program offers opportunity to discuss age-appropriate topics.
  • Every student is expected to abide by the R-MA Honor Code.
  • Although the Middle School does not participate in the Air Force JROTC program, the same principles of responsibility and accountability are taught in the Middle School.