International Students at R-MA

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International students attending Randolph-Macon Academy.  A private boarding and day school located in Front Royal, Virginia.

International students are immersed in English in the classroom, in the dorm, and in day-to-day life. They have ample opportunities to take trips to local attractions and even into Washington, D.C., to learn about the American culture. At the same time, students find that R-MA's close proximity to Washington, D.C., means that they have access (via scheduled weekend trips for both the Middle School and the Upper School) to an international marketplace where they can find food that is native to them, making the transition into a new culture a little easier. There are also special trips to genuine Asian cuisine restaurants throughout the year, as well as a special observance of the Asian New Year.

Mentors assigned to international students as well as those in various offices on campus are available to assist international students with tasks such as opening/handling bank accounts, transportation needs, TOEFL test scheduling, and even mailing items.

International students are an important part of life at R-MA. They are often asked to share information about their cultures with other students, and are also asked to help plan and even prepare meals from their native countries to help other students experience a different cuisine.

While Randolph-Macon Academy is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, it is also a small representation of the world’s cultures and the religions that accompany those cultures. As a result, students are supported in honoring their traditional religious observances such as Ramadan, and are often asked to share the meaning of those holidays and observances with other students to help improve cultural awareness and tolerance within the student body.

Sports and intramurals are a large part of the life at R-MA. Students are required to participate in a sport each season. There are 18 varsity sports to choose from which allows students to try some that they might not have had the opportunity to try before.