Air Force JROTC Elite Units and Activities

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VA-091 Air Force Junior ROTC: Home of the 2019 AFA Virginia State Drill Meet Champions!

Air Force JROTC Elite Units and Activities at Randolph-Macon Academy. A private boarding and day school located in Front Royal, Virginia.

Cadre Summer Leadership School

Summer Leadership School (SLS) attendees are selected rising juniors and seniors which are prepared for their assigned leadership positions in the Corps for the upcoming year. Students learn about basic drill instruction, uniform and personal appearance, team building, discipline and respect, honor, and leadership. Many activities include visits to D.C. monuments, visits to military installations or activities, and laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Performance Team

The Performance Team is comprised of several individual units that augment the corps of cadets. These units include the color guard, the drill team (armed and unarmed), the honor guard, and the saber team. Each provides an invaluable service both R-MA and local organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is made up of eight cadets; one commander and seven cadets carrying rifles.  They perform the ceremonial 21-gun salute during the Academy’s Annual Alumni Memorial Service, all home parades, and several local military events honoring our veterans.

Flag Corps

The Flag Corps carries all 50 state flags during all home parades as well as parades in the local area.  It is comprised of our freshman and selected upper-class cadets.  The flag corps unit is a main component of our parade unit.

The Saber Team performs the ceremonial arch during major events.

Saber Team

The Saber Team consists of nine cadets; one commander and eight cadets who form the saber arch.  They perform the ceremonial arch during Homecoming, the Military Ball, and the Coronation of the Queen during the local Apple Blossom Festival.

"Sophomore year, I joined drill because I had come fresh off of doing color guard for half a year in Civil Air Patrol, but I stayed because I felt at home with the coaching that Sgt Laing gave me. I love Drill because I still feel like family, because even if I fail, they want me to succeed. On the drill team, it's a matter of you succeeding, your effort, and that has taught me the truest lesson in life: that nothing good comes that you haven't earned yourself. We're all works in progress, but when it comes down to it, R-MA's drill team is one of R-MA's many programs that have taught me the importance of self-discipline, because you can't change anything before you change yourself. All of this is what R-MA means to me."
-Nathaniel Chichester, '19