Community Service Activities & FAQs

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The Middle School and Upper School activities vary, but here is a sample of community service activities in which R-MA students have participated, or organizations they have raised funds for or assisted in some way:

  • Letter Writing Campaign
  • Toys For Tots (U.S. Marine Corps)
  • Habitat For Humanity 
  • Meals On Wheels
  • Men’s, Women’s & Children’s, Animal  Shelters 
  • American Cancer Society
  • Rotary, Kiwanis & Lion’s Club  
  • American Red Cross
  • Salvation Army   
  • Special Olympics
  • Doc Smith’s Baskets (Holiday Collections for Needy)  
  • Girl Scouts, Boys Scouts, Eagle Scouts
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation   
  • Air Force Association
  • Veteran’s Administration Hospital   
  • Recycling Program
  • United Way  
  • Rescue Squads & Fire Departments
  • Social Services Department     
  • Gleaning
  • Empty Bowls Project
  • Hunters for the Hungry
  • Volunteering in Schools, Hospitals, Libraries & Churches, Nursing Homes
  • On-Campus Programs like Peer Tutoring/Mediation, National Honor Societies, AFJROTC Program, Community Band, Big Brothers & Sisters for new students
  • Serving on Res Life & Recycling Committees, Helping as an Office, Coach, Teacher’s Assistant
  • Local Churches (Food Bank, Feeding Less Fortunate, Collections for Needy, etc.)
  • Domestic & International Efforts for Tsunami, Hurricane, Earthquake Victims, Orphanages, etc.
  • Donating time with Phonathon, Parades, Festivals, Open Houses & other events

Another active and popular community service group on campus is Cadets-In-Action (CIA), which focuses raising awareness of and support for international causes such as Save Darfur, Stop Hunger Now and Relief for Haiti.  Lynne Schoonover is the faculty contact for this group.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can day and boarding students participate in community service activities?

Yes.  All R-MA students--day and boarding, U.S. citizens and international students, middle school and upper school students--are welcome to participate in community service activities.

2. Is Community Service a requirement for graduation from Randolph-Macon Academy?

No, it is not, but it is a requirement for induction/maintaining membership in the R-MA chapters of the National Honor Society, Junior National Honor Society, German and Spanish National Honor Societies, and the National English Honor Society.

3. If Community Service is not required, then why participate?

  • You will receive a Certificate from R-MA at the end of each school year.
  • You will need to document Community Service on your College Applications and for some colleges, Community Service participation is quite important.
  • You can earn  a Service Ribbon through our AFJROTC Program.
  • It helps with recognition and possible scholarships from many areas and organizations both on and off campus.
  • It helps build good knowledge, character, leadership skills and good citizenship.
  • It can be fun, you can discover other interests and meet new people!

4. When can I do community service while at R-MA?

  • During tutorial time, intramurals, free time, study hall, weekends and over breaks, as appropriate.
  • There are some projects that have to be done with Mrs. Portillo (or another adult) at a specific time on a specific date at a specific place.  There are also many projects that can be done independently when and where it is convenient for you!

5. What do I need to do to get started?

  • Ask your Mentor, Teachers, Coaches, CLS , friends, parents, etc. which projects/activities they would recommend for you.
  • It is important you do something you will enjoy  so ask around and even try researching activities & organizations on the Internet.