CCI: College Counseling Interviews

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Each month in CCI: College Counseling Interviews, we hear from some of R-MA's faculty and staff that have an integral role in helping students in their college quest. Take a look at what they have to say!

Episode 1
In this first episode, we hear from Master Sergeant Stephen Pederson, USAF Retired. He discusses how his Air Force JROTC class, Life Skills, works with the college counseling office to help students throught he process of researching and applying to colleges.

Episode 2
For our second installment of CCI, we will be hearing from English teacher Lynne Schoonover who works closely with the college counseling office in helping students with their college applications

Episode 3
Randolph-Macon Academy college counselor Mary Gamache explains the how-to philosophy of college counseling at R-MA.

Episode 4
R-MA college counselor Mary Gamache is back answering the question "How do we create a college-going culture at Randolph-Macon Academy?"