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The Virginia 91st Air Force Junior ROTC Band at Randolph-Macon Academy. A private day and boarding school located in Front Royal, Virginia.


Virginia 91st Air Force Junior ROTC Band

The Virginia 91st Air Force Junior ROTC Band at R-MA is an award-winning organization, with a membership of approximately forty cadet musicians.  The band performs throughout the year at parades, athletic events, concerts and activities held on and off campus. 

At Randolph-Macon Academy, every effort is made to allow a student to participate in both band and varsity athletics. The rehearsal and performance schedules for the band are planned so conflicts with athletics are kept to a minimum.

Band is an academic performing arts course at R-MA.  The band rehearses during a scheduled class period, and academic credit is granted those cadets who satisfactorily complete course requirements.

The band has excellent rehearsal facilities, located in the Fulton Fine Arts Complex.  This facility includes:

  • A rehearsal hall
  • Individual and small ensemble practice rooms
  • Music library
  • Instrument storage rooms
  • Repair shop
  • Music department offices

For more information, contact: 

G. Edwin Richards
Director of Music & Bandmaster
B.M.E., Shenandoah College and Conservatory of Music
M.M.E., Shenandoah Conservatory (of Shenandoah University)