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Whether enrolled at Randolph-Macon Academy as a day or boarding student, for one year or seven years, parents and students have much to say about the effectiveness of this private college-prep school. Below is a mix of video and written testimonials.

"My husband and I agree! Our son’s first year at Randolph-Macon Academy has been an impressive affirmation to what we only hoped could be possible. As parents, we had long conversations over what high schools today really have to offer the eager yet impressionable young leaders of tomorrow. Right away, R-MA’s unique program was inclusive, even supporting our son’s participation with the local Civil Air Patrol Squadron. Our family’s experience with the staff has been outstanding. Communication is highly regarded with swift responses to phone calls and email. The school’s dedication to the development of the whole student ensures our son’s spiritual foundation has not been compromised as a boarding student. R-MA campus events are very proud moments for us, offering a glimpse into our son’s future achievements to come! His accomplishments in this first year alone have greatly influenced our family; as his younger brother is actively watching!"

Mr. and Mrs. Heggs
Parents of Donavan Heggs ‘21

“Ben is organized, he’s efficient, he’s mannerly, he’s well-spoken, he’s responsible, he’s confident, and he has leadership skills. And who doesn’t want that for their child?”

“I am so proud of Benjamin, and who he is, and what he has become…. I look back to the confidence that he has from being here. As a 17-year-old, he commands a presence. And he does that because of the experiences that he’s had here at Randolph-Macon.” 

Melanie Kopjanski
Parent of Ben Kopjanski '20

"Our biggest concern for our son, regarding attending Randolph-Macon Academy, was would he flourish as a boarding student 7 hours from home?  The first month we did not discuss it with him, only provided encouragement, then on our subsequent visit I asked him, "Did we (collective we) make the right decision for you?"  Our son's response was "Yes Dad." Thinking he was only telling me what I wanted to hear, I next asked him, "Why?"  Our son's response was, "Because I am being challenged Dad."  Our son never showed any signs of homesickness, due to the excellent dormitory staff and weekend activities; as well as the caring academic staff.  We are more than impressed with the results we have seen in our son after this first year and he looks forward to returning in the fall."

Verne and Tanya Mounts
Parents of Ian Mounts ’19
(Graduated from R-MA Middle School, now enrolled at Upper School)

"We looked at R-MA for our son and daughter for very different reasons. Our son was at that 90th percentile in public school--that meant he wasn't in gifted and talented, and we were concerned that he was going to get bored and lost in the larger classes at the middle school level. He chose to attend R-MA and was successful academically and as a leader. He discovered a love for band and also ran cross-country and track. He went on to graduate from Virginia Tech with dual degrees in psychology and German.

"Our daughter was different. She was in gifted and talented at the public schools. But we saw opportunities at R-MA, and a community, that we thought were better than the alternatives. What we couldn't have known is that life would be throwing her some huge challenges. Over the years, that R-MA community has helped her stay on track academically, and given her emotional support when she needed it most. She has matured into a strong, confident young woman.

It seemed unlikely, but somehow R-MA has ended up being the right school for both of our very different children."

Kevin Brooks
Parent of Michael Brooks '12 and Jessalyn Brooks '21 

Kathy Heer, Parent of Michael Heer '07, takes you through her family's experience from the first realization that maybe they ought to check out a boarding school, through the decision-making process, the first tumultuous year, and her son's triumphant walk across the stage at graduation.  She also e-mailed us a follow-up about Michael while he was in college!

First Testimonial from Kathy Heer (2007)

Follow-up Testimonial from Kathy Heer (2010)

Verne Mounts, Parent of Ian Mounts '19, speaks of the reason behind the decision to look into boarding schools for their middle schooler, how they found R-MA, and what R-MA has provided their son.

Verne Mounts Testimonial