Upper School Clubs

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Students get organized for one of the Interact Club projects. The Interact Club is just one of the clubs available at R-MA.

Clubs meet at the discretion of the club sponsor.  Clubs are an exciting element of the extra-curricular activities program, matching student and faculty interests.  Following is a list of some the clubs currently available to R-MA students:

Community Service Program:  Students participating in this program are involved in Community Service projects and work closely with local Rotary Clubs.  The Community Service Program is involved with community service projects that work closely with and for several local civic organizations, churches, and shelters, as well as international efforts and on-campus activities. 

Cadets-In-Action: This student organization focuses on raising awareness of and monetary support for international issues such as relief for Haiti and Save Darfur. 

Philosophy Club: Students who participate in this club discuss the nature of reality, spirituality, aspects of various religions and the concept and meaning of many philosophies.

Korean Club:  This club offers those students who wish to participate the opportunity to study the Korean culture and language.

Chess Club:  Chess and other board games provide an intellectually challenging and competitive outlet for interested students.

MIlitary Book Club: Students read an average of one military-related and/or war-related book each month, and gather to discuss the book and watch a movie each month.