Payment Information

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Payment Plans

While families are welcome to pay for the school year upfront, most families find it easier to manage smaller payments. R-MA offers two different payment plans: the Two-Payment Plan and the Monthly Payment Plan. Financial Aid is available.  

Two-Payment Plan

The first payment -- 60% of the tuition, the campus services fee, and the personal account -- is due August 1st. The second payment, or 40% of the tuition, is due no later than December 1st.  A 5% late fee is added to each payment if it is not received in the Finance Office by the specified date.

Monthly Payment Plan 

The tuition fee is divided into 12 payments beginning June 1st and ending May 1st. There is a 6.5% interest fee added to this plan and credit approval is required.

Methods of Payment

Preauthorized Debit: You may make your payments automatically from either your checking or savings account.  Since payments are automatic, you don’t have to remember to write or mail checks, and payments are never late or missed.  You will receive an itemized bill each month from R-MA.

Credit Card: R-MA accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You may leave your credit card information on file with the Finance Office, and your payments will be charged to your credit card automatically or make payments online.  As with the preauthorized debit, you will receive an itemized bill each month from R-MA. 

Personal Check: Parents may also pay by personal check.  You will receive an itemized bill each month from R-MA.