Middle School Dining

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The Middle School dining hall seats up to 180 people, so all of our students eat at the same time, rather than in staggered lunch periods.  The seating arrangement is open with round tables; students may choose who to sit with and where to sit, as long as they remain in the dining hall and sit no more than five to a table.  A prayer isBoth day and boarding middle school students enjoy meals from several different countries during "International Day." An upper school cadet joined the students for this celebration. said before each meal. Once finished with their food, students may sign out to other supervised areas of the school, such as the library, or just relax. The Middle School cafeteria will be open for three meals each day in the 2015-16 school year.

To provide a high-quality dining experience, R-MA has partnered with SAGE Dining Services®, the nation's leading provider of campus dining and upscale catering services and has worked in partnership with independent schools and private colleges across North America.

SAGE’s menu items are focused on being healthy—for example, their milk is antibiotic-and hormone-free, and they use trans fat-free oils and MSG-free seasonings. 

R-MA serves a wide variety of foods as our population includes people from many countries, religions, ethnic backgrounds and age groups, and SAGE fits this need. In the 2014-15 school year, SAGE added Pacific Rim Cuisine, Street Foods, and South American and Caribbean Fare to their menus, along with fresh vegetarian options. Our goal is to provide healthy and appealing meals prepared by a caring and personable staff. 

To continue to meet the students’ diverse needs, our food services personnel constantly seek feedback from students. 

For more information on SAGE, visit their web site