Flight Students Soar to NYC and Kitty Hawk, NC

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Friday, July 18, 2014

By Laura Abraham

With summer school winding down, the flight camp students are embarking on their long flight trips to the destinations of their choice. Recently, four of the students took their trips and brought back some spectacular photos!

Jack Stern and Jonathan Bass chose the Hudson River Corridor for their trip and since both Jack and Jonathan are from the New York City area, they were really excited to do this trip!
Flying the corridor can be very tricky because it is right in the center of the New York City airspace. Both boys did an excellent job!  We decided to fly into Teterboro Airport because it was right next to the Hudson River.  It is also just a few miles northwest of John F. Kennedy International Airport! (Talk about busy!) 
I wanted the boys to be prepared for this flight because of how tedious it can be.  In the days prior, we studied charts, talked with flight service briefers, read articles, and watched videos on how to fly the corridor safely.  

After landing at Teterboro, we were able to get a crew car free of charge to go get lunch. Both Jack and Jonathan wanted to drive it.   After laughing at them for a few seconds for even asking, I said, "No Way!"  

After lunch, we were ready to fly the corridor. I must say that this was one of the coolest flights I have ever done!  I am so glad I flew this with Jack and Jonathan.  Since they live in the area, they were able to point out landmarks to me and to each other.  Seeing Central Park, Giants Stadium, The Chrysler Building, The Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty from a bird's-eye-view was simply amazing! However, seeing Freedom Tower took my breath away!

During the entire corridor trip, Jack and Jonathan talked non-stop.  They kept saying, "This is the coolest flight ever!" I must say, I had to agree with them. 




Just like Jack and Jonathan, Thomas Roy and Kirsten Seuter were given a choice as to where they wanted to go on their long summer school flight trip.  They chose Kitty Hawk, North Carolina! 
We had so much fun!!  It took a little over two hours to fly to First Flight Field. After landing, we explored the Wright Brother's National Park and Memorial.  This was the first time Thomas had been there so it was especially exciting for him. 
After roaming the grounds, we hopped into a cab and went to lunch at the Outer Banks Brew Pub. After a VERY filling lunch, we strolled over to the beach.  (You can't visit the Outer Banks and not go to the beach!)  Kirsten was so excited she jumped into the water, clothes and all! She was prepared though and had an extra set of clothes with her!  Thomas just got wet shorts!  He was thoroughly entertained by digging his feet into the sand. 
None of us wanted to leave, but we made our way back to the plane.  We returned to Front Royal shortly before 6:00.  This trip was so much fun, and I know Kirsten and Thomas will remember it always!

It has been a wonderful flight camp thus far and we look forward to the rest of the long flight trips ahead!