Meet Our Upper School Students

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R-MA students come from more than 22 states and eight countries each year.  Some come to learn to fly, and some have dreams of attending the Air Force Academy.  Others choose to attend R-MA because they want to be challenged in the classroom, while still others are looking for a structured military program to help them improve their grades.  Here, you can meet just a few of the young men and women now enrolled at R-MA Upper School. Or, you can meet our 2013 graduates or our 2012 graduates. 

Louisa is a fantastic singer and one of the top performers at Randolph-Macon Academy. Louisa '14
Boarding Student
From Oakton, VA
  Emmanuel '14
Boarding Student
from Chicago, IL
Emmanuel is a boarding student from Chicago, IL.
Malik is a boarding student from Maryland. He came to R-MA in part because he wants to learn to fly.

Malik '15
Boarding Student
From Upper Marlboro, MD

  Caitlin '14
Boarding Student
From Berryville, VA
Caitlin is a day student who enjoys basketball, softball, and volleyball. She attends Randolph-Macon Academy, an indpendent school in Virginia.



Siqi is a boarding student from China who enjoys life in the dorms.

Siqi '14
International Boarding Student 
From China


Thomas '16
Boarding Student from Leesburg, VA
Thomas is a boarding student from Leesburg, Va.

Orion '17 is a motivated cross-country runner and day student at Randolph-Macon Academy.

Orion '17 
Day Student
From Front Royal, VA

  Roop '15
Boarding Student
From Springfield, VA
Roop is a day student from Front Royal, VA.

Natalie '15
Boarding Student
From Stafford, VA

  Jacob '15
Day Student
From Front Royal, VA