Victoria plays several sports at her boarding school, Randolph-Macon Academy.
Class of 2018

Boarding Student from Hawaii

Came to R-MA: In the 2014-2015 school year, in the ninth grade.

Sports: Tennis, basketball, and soccer.

Activities:  National Junior Honor Society, Drill Team, and High Flight.

Honors and Awards: Coach’s Award in tennis (2015),  Commander of the 1st Year Unarmed Regulation Drill Team (2014-15), President’s List, First Squadron’s Cadet of the Quarter (First Quarter, 2014-15) Corps Commander’s Pick Cadet of the Quarter (Third Quarter, 2014-15), and the Tuskegee Airman Incorporated Air Force Junior ROTC Cadet Award.

Favorite R-MA adult: TSgt Tina Laing

Most enjoyable part of the d at R-MA: Lunch because it’s a reminder that I’m halfway done with the day.

Favorite place at R-MA: That’s a tie between the soccer field and Student Services. At the soccer field I can go play my favorite sport, soccer, with some friends while Student Services is a place where everyone can just come together to bond, talk, and hang out.

Favorite place in Front Royal: Main Street because they have this small coffee shop where you can order a coffee or ice cream and just relax.

If you had a whole week to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? I would fly back home to Hawaii to visit old friends, go on hiking trips, eat at the little eateries that don’t exist outside of Hawaii, go to the beach to go paddle boarding and kayaking, and spend the nights in the lively vivid tourist city of Waikiki.

Best part about being at R-MA: The best part is being able to bond with your friends here closer than your friends back home because you live with them and you go to school together. R-MA is full of amazing, supporting people whether they’re adults or your peers. We come together like one big family.