R-MA Parents' Association

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The R-MA Parents' Association raises funds that directly benefit the students of Randolph-Macon Academy.

The Parents' Association is currently holding elections! Learn more.

The Parents' Association (PA) of Randolph-Macon Academy is dedicated to supporting the Academy's commitment to the individual growth, personal development and welfare of each student.  

The primary mission of the PA is to support the students in their day-to-day lives. We interact with students on a regular basis through the services we provide and the fundraising activities we host in the form of uniform sales, concession stands, and book fairs. Whether having a one-on-one conversation with a student or funding a program that directly impacts his or her daily life at R-MA, we want to provide friendship, hope, and support, especially to students whose parents live outside the immediate area. 

The PA also acts as a forum for the interchange of ideas between the parents and guardians. The goal is to unite the families of the R-MA students together in strong alliance with the school faculty and staff to make the R-MA experience the best it can possibly be for our children. Through this alliance, the PA offers and supports programs that impact the students. We fun dances, movies, and other special events. We provide teacher grants that help improve the academic program. We open our homes to international students and to domestic students who cannot go home on weekends. And we support special projects such as impoving the student lounges. In the process, we make a difference in the lives of hundreds of students each year, and find our own hearts touched by their gratitude.

The PA membership is made up of parents and guardians of currently enrolled students, with honorary membership extended to parents and guardians of former students, administration, faculty, alumni, and the Board of Trustees. We invite you to join us at our next meeting.

Upcoming PA Meetings

January 18th 5 pm, Stan Fulton Hall
February 15th 5 pm, Stan Fulton Hall
March 15th  5 pm, Stan Fulton Hall
April 19th 5 pm, Stan Fulton Hall
May 17th 5 pm, Stan Fulton Hall


The R-MA students and cadets, our children, are the ultimate focus of the PA's attention and concern. The success of our efforts depends on the commitment and active participation of the PA members. We urge you to give generously of your time, talents and resources. Together we can really make a difference for our children and the school. Volunteers are needed to assist in various projects and activities. If you can help, or if you would like to provide financial support, please contact PA President, Angie Williams at angie@wbdoors.com or her work phone at 540-636-4444.

PA Board

President: Angie Williams
Email: angie@wbdoors.com
Work: 540-636-4444

Vice President: Christine Flanagan
Email: siriuscf@gmail.com

Treasurer: Margaret Melberg
Email: melberg.margaret@gmail.com

Secretary: Mary Kay Anderson
Email: m.anderson127@comcast.net

Upper School Representative: Susan Glascock
Email: ssg98@comcast.net
Cell: 540-305-9580

Middle School Representatives: Dr. Susan Gawalt and Rev. Jonathan Bunker
Email: sgawalt@pediatric-assoc.com and jwbunker@msn.com