Middle School Study Halls & Tutorial

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For those students who need additional support, there are 30-minute tutorial sessions after lunch, Monday through Thursday.  These sessions are usually voluntary, but teachers may assign a student to tutorial to make up work.  Mentors and parents can also request that a struggling student be assigned mandatory tutorial. Students who are in advanced classes often use this time to work on assignments. If a student does not need to meet with one of their teachers at that time, then they must go to their mentor and work on homework assignments or study. 

Night Study Hall is held Sunday through Thursday, from 6:30 to 7:45 for all boarding students. Students may study in their rooms under the supervision of the dorm staff. If a student's grades are low they are required to study in Community Hall under the supervision of a teacher until grades improve.

At the Middle School, the Study Improvement Plan, or SIP, begins at 4:10, after intramurals, and ends at 5:15 Monday through Thursday.  Students who have not completed homework assignments are required to attend. A student is recommended for SIP based on grades or at the request of parents or the principal.