Theatre at R-MA

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In the fall of 2012, R-MA presented the musical, Mulan. It was the first full musical production done at the school in at least a decade.
A dynamic, dedicated group of students partake of R-MA's theatre program each year. In the Upper School program, approximately 30 actors and technicians participate, with additional stagehands, directors, choreographers, and costume designers making this a true "community" effort, with up to 70 people involved in putting on a production. The drama group presents two plays each year, ranging from comedies to musicals. Over 400 patrons view these events in either Melton Gymnasium or on the road. R-MA's Little Theatre, which is housed in the lower level of Melton Gymnasium is where the performers prepare their productions for presenatation on the Gymnasium stage.
Typically, the plays are presented on two evenings during Family Weekends in both the fall and spring seasons so family members can enjoy the talents of our actors and actresses. Sometimes, the plays are brought to the community, such as the local public elementary school or senior center.
Recent productions include: Once on This Island, The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza, Murder Box, The Audition, Randolph-Macon Academy's Broadway Musical Extravaganza, The Good Doctor, CSI: Neverland 911, Check Please! and Mulan.
 Neverland 911 was the Randolph-Macon Academy play for the fall of 2009.
Play practices are during the intramural period after school between 4:00-5:30 pm. Students become very involved, both in willingness to try various acting roles and in organizing a technical aspect of the play like props, lighting, or costumes.  Students actively learn many aspects of what it entails to produce a play.

Please contact Ms. Kim Cramer if you have any questions about our program.  New students are always welcome as performers and technicians. The only requirement is a willingness to work hard and to have fun.