Testimonies for Alpha Readers Student/Teacher Book Club

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The following alumni from the class of 2010 shared their thoughts of the Alpha Readers Club.

Whitney Lee (attended Harvard):   
“Alpha Readers allowed me to venture outside the standard list of high school literature and discover a host of wonderful novels that would have otherwise remained unread. I think of Alpha Readers as one of the most worthwhile activities I participated in during my high school years.”

Max Ramundo (attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology): 
“It was in Alpha Readers that I first found reading to be something more than a compulsory task. Before joining, I had no idea who P. G. Wodehouse and Kurt Vonnegut were. Now I know that they are my favorite authors.”

Devon Barr (attended Sewanee):   
“I've always enjoyed reading for pleasure, and with Alpha Readers I was able to get together with a group of people who were doing the same thing, to share our thoughts, and enjoy good food.”

Jillian Phillips (attended Longwood):   
“Alpha Readers was the first activity I participated in at R-MA. It opened up doors for me and introduced me to a group of people who had similar interests as mine.”

Marianne Nell (attended Princeton): 
“In a sense, throughout high school, Alpha Readers became the vehicle by which I was able to expand my intellectual horizon. I became familiarized with and eventually grew to love seemingly obscure authors that I might have never come across had I failed to become a part of something so exceptional. The sensational food was just an added bonus.”